Is Brutus the “noblest Roman of them all?”  Provide at least three reasons justifying your opinion.


Yes, I believe he is the “noblest Roman of them all”, for the most part . Brutus kills Caesar because he believes it is the right thing to do, and he actually believes he’s doing justice by helping the conspirators. But he is also not that noble because at Caesar’s funeral when he got the people to be on his side and the people started saying that Brutus should be king, Brutus didn’t deny he wanted to be king.




Considering everything we know about Brutus and the body count already, do you think Brutus will commit suicide, too?  Why is suicide a difficult decision for Brutus?


We read the summary of the chapter before reading the chapter… so yes, I already know Brutus is going to commit suicide. I think it will be a tough decision for him though because committing suicide is a very unhonorable way to die. Since Brutus is all about being honorable and doing the most just thing, I think he will struggle a lot with the suicidal situation. I believe he ends up killing himself because of his promise with Cassius though.


Why does Brutus’s speech in Scene ii ultimately fail?




Write about a time you had to convince someone (ie: your parents) of something.  What happened?  How did or didn’t you succeed?  Which appeals did you use and why?


The appeal I used to win an argument against my parents is Logos. Logos is using logic. My mom and dad were yelling at me about something they didn’t know too much about, so after they stopped yelling I corrected them on the stuff I knew they didn’t understand that well. Then they either stopped yelling and trying to argue with me because I pissed them off by correcting them, or because we were all on the same page now and came to an understanding. I used the Logos appeal because I knew a lot about the topic we were arguing over so Logos was the easiest appeal at the moment.

JOURNAL 7 – 3/2/2011

Did Caesar have to die?  Who is most responsible for Caesar’s death?  Caesar or the Conspirators…Give me proof answering why


Yes, according to Brutus, he did. Because if he didn’t he would have dictated Rome. Caesar’s dictatorship would have ruined Rome, and the citizens wouldn’t have lived happy lives. I’d say that Caesar was most responsible for his own death. I say this because if Caesar had been a better leader and had not shown signs that he was going to be dictator, then they wouldn’t have killed him. Brutus didn’t want to kill him, and he was the conspirator’s leader, so if Caesar hadn’t presented a good reason for them to murder him then Brutus wouldn’t have allowed the conspirators to do so. So yeah, I believe the conspirators weren’t the most responsible.


After line 105, Cassius and Brutus whisper to one another.  What was said in this secret exchange?  Invent a dialogue between the two characters based upon what we know about the characters and their action at this point in the play.

Brutus is probably telling Cassius how he has made up his mind about betraying Caesar’s friendship for the good of Rome. Because everyone is doubting Brutus because they all think that he still hasn’t picked a side yet.



If you were warned that someone’s dreams or visions foretold danger for you, how would you respond?  Why?

Dreams? As in they dream at night about stuff, and one day they happened to have dreamed about me being in danger? Because then I’d respond with, “Creep. Stop dreaming about me dying.” and then unfriend them on facebook.

But if you’re talking about dreams as in goals, then I’d respond by negotiating with them on achieving their dreams in a way that wouldn’t involve putting me in danger.